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So Ra No Wo To

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So Ra No Wo To

Post  Chumara on Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:27 am

So this show has a good dir...wri..stu....Good resources!
Nick wanted a second season of K-ON, but instead they all dropped their rock instruments, picked up trumpets and the new clubroom is a fortress; bad ass.
In Hashihime's review he mentioned that the original char designs are done by a guy named Mel Kishida, but were "reduced" to a K-ON style, sounds to me like an excuse to cut corners on the budget, now that Gonzo is almost nowhere to be seen and re-merged with their parent company and fewer shows coming out all in all, it's sad to see that the shortcoming of the anime industry's revenues taking a toll on animation quality as well. Just when shows were starting to look really really nice, now it's starting to go downhill.
But regardless I enjoyed this show cause it's just the kind of easy going thing I like, interesting how I just started watching Nodame Cantabile (ep 16 at this point) and now another show that I want to watch comes out that has to do with a main character wanting to study music, of course it isn't anywhere near the same magnitude as Nodame, but a lil' out of the ordinary nonetheless.
So I suppose I'll "mae susume" with this show.


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