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Post  Chumara on Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:46 am

Damn Brian you were right, the animations was astounding, I mean dayummmmmmm. I guess that's why they took a break last season and made Nichijou look like shit.

I'm glad Kyoto isn't making another retarded moe show like K-ON and Nichijou. I mean the Key shows were pretty damn moe but at least they had good plots and romantic tones. I feel like Kyoto is going back to it's roots with this one, this show doesn't have a shounen-esque catch or a harem of moe joshi-kouseis to bring attention to it but it just uses clever writing and goes with something different from the norm. I can almost say I felt a bit of Haruhi in this show in terms of how it was written.

The same animation director that's been with Kyoto all this time is still the animation and character designer for this show, so I'm not surprised Chitanda's face reminds me of Yui from K-ON

Also glad to see one of my up and coming new favorite singers Choucho doing the OP, hope she gets more work in future shows. I've been a fan since her (official) debut in Kami-sama no Memochou, and her covers of some Hatsune Miku songs are strictly upgrades to the original.

Anyways, I dunno if Sunday is going to be the normal day for this to get subbed or if the first ep was just a fluke, but between this, Saki and Tasogare otome, Sundays are looking pretty awesome.

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