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The Holy Grail War (Amine/Manga Edition)

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The Holy Grail War (Amine/Manga Edition)

Post  The Lionheart on Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:28 am

OK, so as you know, [Or may not have known since we had to drop Fate/Stay Night from the line up if you've never seen it], Fate/ Stay Night is about servants summoning heroric spirits to do battle with each other in hopes of winning the Holy grail!

So what would you like to see in an anime/manga edition of the Holy Grail War. People summoned have to be in either a manga, anime, or video game. Try to pick one for every class, or just who you'd wanna see fight in the war.

The classes are;
Saber [swords used as a main weapon]
Lancer [pole arms]
Archer [long distance projectiles]
Berserker [one who relies on brute strength, or anyone who could go insane with power to boot]
Rider [specializes in riding animals or vehicles]
Assassin [specializing in one hit k.o. and excels at hiding themselves]
Caster [magic]

Try to grab ANYONE you could possibly think of. We can mix and match to see what would make up good matches to see in the war. Also, list where the servant is originally from and what could be their considered as their Noble Phantasim(s) [i.e. Finishing move, ultimate weapon, etc.]
The Lionheart
The Lionheart

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Re: The Holy Grail War (Amine/Manga Edition)

Post  The Lionheart on Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:52 am

Saber = Akutami Gamma [Zombie Powder] Chainsaw buster sword...enough said!

Assassin = Soi Fon [Bleach] Extremely quick, second to Youruichi, but her attacks aren't as loud and vibrant. The Shunko and her shikai, Suzumebachi [which is instant death when hit twice] qualify for Noble Phantasms easily

Lancer = Benawi [Utawarerumono] I can't think of many lance/pole arm users right now, but I remember Benawi being extremely powerful when I saw Utawarerumono. Can't think of what his Noble Phantasm would be though...

Berserker = Uzumaki Naruto [Naruto]; Using the chakra of the nine tails more often than not already causes him to go berserk and attack in a frenzy! Naruto make a better Berserker than an Assassin! Noble Phantasm could be the nine tails chakra as well as the Rasengan

That's all I got for now...
The Lionheart
The Lionheart

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Re: The Holy Grail War (Amine/Manga Edition)

Post  Ryuuka on Wed Mar 19, 2008 12:17 pm

In b4 Guilty Gear cast.

Because obviously harems are more interesting and appealing, I'll make mine all female. work in progress

Saber = Tamaki from Bamboo Blade. Her noble phantasm would be Atomic Fire Blade lol.

Lancer = Lenneth Valkyrie from Valkyrie Profile. Her noble phantasm would obviously be Nibelung Valesti.

Archer = Komaki from Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou. She doesn't really have a noble phantasm except for her demon seal thingy letting her snipe stuff from really far away.

Berserker = Presea from Tales of Symphonia. It'd probably be her hidden overlimit tech, Reppa Enshougeki.

Rider = Kino from Kino no Tabi. She rides a talking motorcycle named Hermes, but she doesn't really do anything final-move-ish, though she does have a revolver called a "persuader."

Assassin = "Twilight" Suzuka from Outlaw Star. I can't really think of a particular noble phantasm-like technique atm.

Caster = Raquel from Scrapped Princess. She has a few handy spells but I can't think of one that really stands out as a final move or anything.

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Re: The Holy Grail War (Amine/Manga Edition)

Post  WildKard on Wed Mar 19, 2008 6:22 pm

ooooo, nice idea! I got some good ones for ya!

Saber: Clare [Claymore] The chick knows how to use a sword, and a BIG one at that. Her Noble Phantasm would be the Wind Cutter which she learned from Flora.

Lancer: Benitora [Samurai Deeper Kyo] The guy is deadly with his spear, but I can't remember what his awesome attack was for a Noble Phantasm.

Archer: Dante [Devil May Cry] He can use a huge assortment of guns and can fire them faster than any human possibly could. The only thing I could think of as a Noble Phantasm would be his ability to slow down time (in DMC 3 anyways) and then just whipping out any gun he could and filling your slowly moving body with lead.

Berserker: Rock Lee [Naruto] The guy ONLY uses brute strength and speed in his fights. His Noble Phantasm would be using the Final Lotus after opening his chakra gates.

Rider: Heero Yuy in the Wing Gundam Custom [Gundam Wing] Hey, you said people who rode animals OR vehicles, and what better piece of equipment than a gundam?! Noble Phantasm would just be one shot from that awesome gun of his.

Assassin: Kouga Gennosuke [Basilisk] The guy is not only a trained ninja but his Noble Phantasm has the ability to turn his opponent's killing intent on himself, forcing his enemy to commit suicide just by simply glaring at him a certain way in the eyes.

Caster: Ultimecia [Final Fantasy VIII] The ultimate Sorceress. She has the ability to compress time for crying out loud! Her Noble Phantasm would be Hell's Judgement, which would make even the strongest beast alive cling for life with only the smallest amount of energy left to sustain them.

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Re: The Holy Grail War (Amine/Manga Edition)

Post  roleplayfever on Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:17 pm

Saber-Seto San [Seto No Hanayome] she has been trained in the way of the sword from a young age~a maiden of chivalry. Noble Phantasm would be San-Hachi mode.

Lancer-Kain [FFIV] a dragoon is an obvious choice for the job, Special would be double jump.

Archer-Leon S. Kennedy [Resident Evil] RE4 has guns galore, special would either be hand cannon or special (red tipped) rocket launcher.

Berserker-Kenpachi [Bleach] he's Kenpachi. Finisher would be using his sword with two hands.

Rider-Overlord Baal (prinney) [Makai Kingdom] He rides Battleship Yoshitsuna (Lv. 4000) any attack would be counted as a special.

Assassin-Snake [Metal Gear Solid] kills/incapacitates guards then hides the bodies, can adapt and hide in any area, from using camouflage to the orange box. No idea about what his special would be.

Caster-Yukari [Rosario+Vampire] loli that can use a variety of possession and curse magic, i.e. controlling another's body, making wash pans materialize over a target etc. special would be her 'flying cards with wings' trick.
(Yuki could be here, but instantly deleting someone might be a bit cheap)

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Re: The Holy Grail War (Amine/Manga Edition)

Post  Tekkaman Calamity on Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:25 pm

Similarly to Brian, I will not be using a GG cast and instead will pursue a harem for a challenge.

Saber - Hinagiku Katsura from Hayate no Gotoku. Proud + noble + cool + cute = Saber. Noble Phantasm is Masamune, the Wooden Sword.

Lancer = Aki Kisaragi from Space Knight Tekkaman Blade 2. I had to cheat a little with this one, since the Tekkamen use Tekk Lancers for weapons. Anyways, Noble Phantasms include Interlude Crush, Pegas, and Vol Tekka.

Archer = Seras Victoria from Hellsing. She could be a berserker too, but she spends more time shooting people as opposed to you know... berserking, well at least early on. Noble Phantasm is Harkonnen.

Berserker = Saeko Busujima from Highschool of the Dead. Ever since the new chapters, I suppose she can now be lumped into this category. Noble Phantasm is Kissaki Moroha Kogarasu Zukuri (this was a pain in the ass to type).

Rider = Chikane Himemiya from Kannazuki no Miko. Well, she does get mechs later on. Anyways, noble phantasms are Take no Yamikazuchi, Orochi, and Murakumo (seeing as how Kaon from Kiyoshiro to Towa no Sora is just the crappy reincarnation of Chikane).

Assassin = Mihato Uesugi from Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de. A cute maid, they'll never see it coming. Noble phantasms are Forty-Nine Secret Tools and Debanzen.

Caster = Nanoha Takamachi from Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha. She has bloody tons of stuff that can be counted as Noble Phantasm (not gilgamesh lot, but still), so I'll just use the most obvious, Raising Heart.

I think this list is kinda uneven though.

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Tekkaman Calamity
Tekkaman Calamity
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Re: The Holy Grail War (Amine/Manga Edition)

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