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Ghost Hound END (Spoilers)

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Ghost Hound END (Spoilers) Empty Ghost Hound END (Spoilers)

Post  Chumara on Wed Apr 23, 2008 11:14 pm

The end is now subbed, and my score for it has dropped.
Anyone else see this show through?
I don't think this show had any source material but I've never seen a show start off so slow and so irrelevant to what we think is the main plot, then build interest and excitement, then somehow derail harder at the end than my friend's car last night on the freeway...bad times..
If anyone had seen Shigofumi maybe they felt the same way I did after it ended, I mean it was a great show with a sad and gripping story, that could've been executed without anything relating Shigofumis, same thing with Ghost Hound. Throughout the entire show Taro was trying to get in contact with his sister again, Hirata was trying to research and understand these brain patterns and other psychological phenomenon, the biolab people were trying to create organs for transplants (I think?) and accidentally creating sentient life, Masayuki changed to being a nice guy and decided to spy where his dad worked (the biolab). What did this all boil down to? Lets save the village from the evil lady!
What each character got/did not get accomplished:
Taro: never met his sister in either world, basically spent 22 episodes failing at his main goal in the show, saved Miyako by saying her name once and giving a small persuasive speech (I gave one of those last year, I think it had the opposite effect on the class), made people his friends, dressed up as a girl. PS. I dunno why he stopped being able to say Miyako's name in the first place, can anyone fill me in?

Makoto: Saved his mom, made enough emo facial distortions that would make Derailed by Darry's Jason proud, saved Taro's ass when he was taking the glory for saving Miyako, forgave his father due to a misunderstanding.

Masayuki: Became a nice guy, found a friend that would later save the village along with hobo's, gave some useful info on the doings of the bio lab, didn't kill himself when he found out his dad was into feet fetish.

It seems like a lot of things happened that looked like they would make larger impacts on the plotline and to-be future events, but never led to anything, such as: learning how to control their projections better, Taro's constant reoccurring memories, the truth behind Makoto's family's events, the psychological phenomomenon that Hirata spent plenty of episodes talking about, everything relating to the Unseen World and everything that was explained to Taro via the guy Makoto's mother was living with, Taro's sister and the kidnapping <---most over-exaggerated sub-plot in the show.

Any thoughts?

Ghost Hound END (Spoilers) Chumara
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